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What Our Guests Are Saying

I came to this spa for my first professional massage, and I was not disappointed! Cassie takes the time to get to know what her clients are wanting out of the massage appointment. I was nervous for my first massage and Cassie was great! The spa is very clean and has a very relaxing atmosphere. I will definitely be back!

Kimberly M.

Me and my husband came in for a couples massage we had Georgia and Cassie the service we received was unbelievable, we would go back every day if we could afford to. They could immediately tell which spots were bad on our back and helped us to loosen the muscle we not only left pain free but extremely relaxed we will definitely return.

Nyssa M.

Cassie at Body of Water is excellent if you are looking for a post-op lymphatic massage. I first went to her a few weeks post-op and she recommended a very specific lymphatic massage, and my healing has been great, and my pain level is minimal now that I have gotten weekly massages. She is extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly explained how lymphatic drainage works. I highly recommended her to anyone that has had surgery of any kind.

Regan E.

Such a warm and comfortable atmosphere...highly recommend! I received a gift certificate from my daughter and so glad I did...this place was a hidden gem
Lindsay, you did an awesome job.... thank you for helping get that stress around my shoulders addressed...look forward to seeing you soon!

Pamela M.

Loved my Facial today with Jackie- thank you so much for making me feel relaxed and absolutely love my results!

Myra R.



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Spa Booking Policies

All appointments require having a valid credit card on file.

Intake forms will be sent to clients upon booking, please fill out prior to your appointment.

Please give AT LEAST 24-hour notice via phone call to office when rescheduling or cancelling.

Rescheduling or cancelling within 24 hours of your appointment time is subject to a minimum 50% fee.

If you should incur a cancellation fee, payment can be applied as a deposit to next appointment if appointment is within 14 days. This is up to the discretion of your service provider!

FOR PERMANENT MAKE-UP CLIENTS: Reschedule or cancel 48 hours in advance of your appointment time to avoid forfeit of deposit.

Deposits required for services totaling $150 and up. Due to the time allotted and scheduling required, deposits will be forfeited if canceled within 24 hours of appointment time.

Please enable notifications for appointment reminders and confirmation requests. You will receive confirmation request 48 hours in advance, and a reminder 24 hours in advance. The final reminder is your opportunity to reschedule or cancel without incurring fee. If you prefer phone call reminders, please let us know.

Any inappropriate conduct will result in immediate end of appointment with full charge. You will be fired as a client and if needed reported to the proper authorities. Any "joke" that can be interpreted as harassment will NOT be tolerated. Inappropriate conduct is defined as:

  • Any touching that is not therapeutic in nature.

  • Jokes, comments, or innuendos that can be interpreted as harassment.

  • Refusing to adhere to proper draping and undressing procedures.

  • Conduct not explicitly listed within our policies but that has been brought to management’s attention as inappropriate.

Gift Certificates are to be redeemed within 2 months (60 days) of purchase. We will observe F.S. § 501.95 upon request.

Packages are to be redeemed within 6 months (180 days) of purchase.

No refunds for gift certificates or packages that are not redeemed within that window.

Refunds MAY ONLY be issued in instances that practitioner cannot fulfill the service before expiration date, due to COVID or other health concerns, if other arrangement (such as extended expiration date) cannot be accommodated.

We seek to empower our clients to advocate for their health. If you are not satisfied with your treatment plan, please consult with your service provider and the owner. We will do everything in our power to ensure you are meeting your wellness goals. We will happily refer you to a different practitioner or a provider with a greater scope of practice to meet your needs.



At this time, we are appointment only.

Appointment times may vary with service provider.