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With multiple licensed massage therapists, and a spacious environment, we are able to provide individual and couples massages. 

Our professional massage therapists will review your intake form, assess your therapeutic goals, and tailor the massage session to meet your individual needs. 

Whether you seek peace of mind through relaxation, or are ready to begin a therapeutic change to enhance your wellbeing, you can rest assured that you are in good hands!

We categorize massages based on desired outcome or featured modality. Most massage sessions will incorporate a variety of techniques for the most effective therapeutic outcome.


Intention: Relaxation of mind and body. You may leave the table feeling sleepy and at ease! Best for those seeking to calm their mind and entire nervous system. Long, flowing movements lull the mind into calm.
Pressure: Light - Medium - moments of deeper pressure



Intention: Decrease muscle tone by promoting relaxation of entire nervous system, trigger point therapy as needed, increase range of motion and decrease pain.
Pressure: Medium - Skilled use of sustained deeper pressure and pinpoint deep pressure with fingertips, thumbs, and the occasional elbow.


Deep Tissue

Intention: Break up connective tissue adhesions and promote circulation into deep muscle tissue. 
Pressure: Slow and steady skilled use of sustained deep pressure using forearms, elbows, and broad areas of hand.



Can be applied over the clothing. 


Hot Stone

Smooth heated basalt stones are applied to sore muscles.


Couples Massage

Enjoy a session of massage therapy side by side with a loved one! Each massage will be tailored to meet the needs of each individual. 


Body Contouring

A rigorous protocol to change the silhouette of the body.

Body of Water Wellness Spa

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